Hechtsuppe mit Williams Parfum de Vie

Pike soup with Williams Parfum de Vie


a whole pike, celery root, carrots, garlic cloves, spring onions, root of parsley, vinegar, olive oil (extra virgin), Valtelline wine, flour, fresh laurel leaves, parsley, lovage, salt, cayenne pepper, turmeric or saffron, Williams Parfum de Vie


Fillet the fish. Fry the carcass with olive oil in a large pan, dust with flour and pour the white wine over it. Add water and leave to simmer.

Cut the roots into short, thin strips and briefly boil with a dash of vinegar, make sure they stay crisp. Strain the stock, add the pike fillets and the vegetables to the mix. Finally add the herbs, taste, stir in the saffron and leave to stew.

Cut the celery into thin discs – blanch briefly – and fry on both sides in the oven or in a pan in olive oil. Take out the celery pieces, sprinkle with Williams Parfum de Vie / schnapps and serve in the soup.

Serve with:

fresh white bread or stone-baked bread

Recommended beverage:

Williams Parfum de Vie 71 / schnapps and fresh water

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