Beef with a plum and red wine sauce

Beef with a plum and red wine sauce


* Beef fillet or sirloin steak
* Salt, black and white pepper, chilli (pepperoncini)
* Curry
* Dijon mustard
* Olive oil
* Red wine
* Balsamic vinegar
* Corn flour (corn starch) to bind the sauce
* Plum jam
* Plum distillate or plum essence

Season the beef with pepper and sear on all sides in a pan with olive oil then leave to rest on a low heat until cooked as required. Cut into slices against the texture of the meat and place on a plate. Sprinkle with salt and spiced plum and red wine sauce.

Reduce the red wine in a pan with lots of plum jam, Dijon mustard, chilli, freshly ground pepper, curry, salt and Balsamic vinegar. At the end, add a splash of plum distillate for a powerful kick and continue to cool until the sauce has a thick consistency. If this does not happen, stir in some corn flour.

Sides: roast potatoes or white bread

Recommended drinks: plum distillate or essence of plum and fresh water

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