King prawns or scampi with lavender

King prawns or scampi with lavender


* King prawns or scampi (shelled or in the shell, also frozen)
* Olive oil
* Salt chilli (pepperoncini), white pepper
* Lavender
* Lavender Parfum de Vie


Wash and shell the scampi or prawns and quickly sautée in olive oil in a pan with lavender (a wok is ideal). Season with chilli, a pinch of salt and pepper and spray with lavender Parfum de Vie to taste.
This refined summer dish is quick and easy to prepare. It should be served warm so that the scent of the lavender can diffuse to the full.

Sides: fresh white bread or bread baked in a stone oven

Recommended drinks: essence of apple and fresh water or Prosecco

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