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The "World Spirits Award" is known among connoisseurs as the highest quality spirits award in the world. The contents and topics are presented on the website You can find results of the competitions from the past 10 years by utilizing the special tools WSA Spirits-Finder and the WSA Spirits-Calculator. These features are - like many other interesting channels - accessible via registration on our official website.

Two years ago we commissioned Wolfgang Egarter from IT-Solutions to program these tools as an app for IOS devices. The result is impressive and can be downloaded for free via the App Store.


Exceptional, Alternative, Fashionable and Unusual at the WSA – Trends & Tips 2018

The G-Day

It is incredible what is going on with gin! We had roughly 70 different gin products to taste and the entire team was kept busy for more than a whole day. Deadline for registration was 1st November, but during the tastings in January we could have added four more submissions. Whether all competitions will experience this boom is difficult to say. Obviously, our participants trust in the quality of the assessment and recognise a perfect framework for a fair result in the categories of “London Dry Gin” and “New Western Style Gin”. The gin with the most points comes from newcomers: “STIN – Styrian Dry Gin” from STIN – Firmenich & Jagerhofer GesbR in Styria.



WSA 2018 Award Celebration Photo Galerie EN

Photos from the Award Celebration 2018 in Distillery Hubertus Vallendar at Kail/Mosel (Germany). 19 x Awards and Spirits of the Year as well as 11 x Distilleries of the Year - that's the brand-new result.


Master of World-Spirits 2018 - deadline 1st March

The "Master of World Spirits" will be offered this year again. Take advantage of this rare opportunity as it only takes place every three years. Of course, the "Basic Class" as well as the "Master Class" and the "Sniff Class" will be hosted in June as well. Please note that the deadline for registration is 1 March and the participation fee must be paid by then, participation is unfortunately otherwise not possible.

Shot 3: preliminary results for the participants

After the tasting weekends in January, the participants will be notified of their results and they may order medal stickers for their products or conclude license agreements with us, which are primarily for direct advertise on the bottle or as part of the packaging. Participants are welcome to advertise with our brand on all media platforms for free to promote their products with their participation in the WSA.

Behind the WSA scenes-the WSA Photo Story

It is often a mystery to most people exactly what goes on behind the scenes at the "World-Spirits award," but take a peek backstage, and you'd see Wolfram, Barbara and Joanne work continuously throughout the year on the organization and execution of the World-Spirits Award as well as the "World-Spirits Academy" sensory training courses. And that doesn't even include the massive collaboration with the jury, chemist, writer, graphic designer, translators, consultant, production companies for medals, classification boards, medal stickers, diplomas, shipping companies, freight forwarders, import and customs duties, and four IT companies that work around the clock for the maintenance of database, the website and the presentation on the Internet. All in all: an unbelievable amount of labor, creativity and unfortunately, cost as well.


Making “High Wines” in action- a live workshop of brandy prodcution with Wolfram Ortner


On Wednesday, October 4, for those keen to learn a thing or two about distilling can look over the shoulders of Wolfram Ortner during the process of a "Spirit Still" (the making of a higher and purer alcohol also referred to as High Wines) from a Sauvignon Blanc distillation. From 7.00 (GMT +2 summertime) to 8.00 PM, you get to be a part of the production process -- cutting the head, heart and tail. The highlight will be the master introducing his brand-new electronic control panel. Ask questions via live chat in German or English, and get an answer right away. In the future, further topics on "distilling" and "sensoric training" with master distiller Wolfram Ortner will be available at and Details (content and dates) can be found on the websites mentioned.


WSA Spirits Finder, in the Apple Store and Play Store: Search app for spirit lovers and professionals

The World Spirits Award is known amongst experts as being the highest quality spirits award in the world. You now have the possibility to access the results directly, all the way back to 2008, using the WSA Spirits Finder. The WSA app (in German and English) has the following functions, which are available free of charge:

  • WSA Spirits Finder
  • WSA Spirits Calculator
  • WSA Website

Detailed information on the approx. 3,500 spirits - from A for Asbach Uralt to Z for Zwack Unicum: producers around the globe, from manufacture to industry (with direct links to the websites), products ranging from absinthe, Armagnac and Moutai to tequila and plum distillates (some with photos). You can select distilleries, restrict your search to medals or WSA years, choose a special brand or a special product, and much more. The basis for this high quality data pool are the results of the professional jury at the annual World Spirits Award. The app also includes verbal descriptions of brand-name products and the exact number of points they received (maximum 100 WOB points), and thus offers profound information on the price/performance ratio.

The Spirits Calculator is primarily designed for the catering and hotel sector, but can also be used by private individuals and professionals to calculate prices. It is basically a pocket calculator with modern technology and functions, which, in just a few steps, enables the calculation of spirits per portion - at the bar, in the restaurant, in the café or wherever else you might be. It doesn't matter in which country you want to calculate your spirits - this service tool includes all the important parameters. The core function is the absolute calculation and not the percentage calculation of spirits. You can also enter the net income per portion and in doing so, as well as the costs such as service charges and VAT, you can also receive a customer-friendly price, which you can also print.

In addition, as a registered user you will also have access to the protected area on the World Spirits website, where you can find information from the spirits world which is hidden from non-users.
The WSA motto is "Simply the Best in Spirits"! And, with the new WSA app, you will become part of the community, who are sure to benefit from our life's work in "spirits" and be a "spiritual" step ahead.

Have fun on your journey through the world of spirits!
Wolfram Ortner


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Cognac, French aristocracy with esprit and elegance

Cognac, French aristocracy with esprit and elegance (2)

History/Fascinating Facts

The first attempts to distil cognac are recorded in documentation in the area of the same name, dating from the 15th century. Cognac was a commercial metropolis for salt and wine and had ties with England, Scandinavia and the Netherlands. Given the high demand, a large quantity of wine was produced in the 16th century, although admittedly of a low quality. These wines could not survive transportation by ship and therefore people turned to distillation. Storing the distillates in wooden barrels gave them a more refined flavour, triggering the development of some big brands: Martell was founded in 1715 and Hennessy in 1765. To prevent any copies being produced, the borders of the region were defined by law in 1909.


Master craftsmen & industrial masterpieces from all over the world


6100 Pty Ltd t/as Artisan Spirit Merchants USA LLC, Australien, 2038 Annandale, Sydney, 294 a Annandale Street, +61-404-122918,
Classification: World-Spirits Award Participant 2018
Silver: VDKA 6100


Casa Real, Bolivien, Tarija, Calle 15 de abril E-259, +591-4-6648482,
Classification: World-Spirits Award Participant 2018
Gold: Grain Singani Casa Real
Silver: Casa Real DON LUCHO Gold Collection – SINGANI ULTRA PREMIUM


The superstars at the World Spirits Award 2018 once again come from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Caribbean:

19 x Awards and Spirits of the Year as well as 11 x Distilleries of the Year - that's the brand-new result.

What is certainly new is the record number of samples, the variety of the product ranges, and the origins of the participants. The Austrian province of Styria is becoming an important centre for quality distillers, Germany is hot on its heels in the medals table and in product quality. Switzerland and the Caribbean islands of Grenada and St. Lucia shine in the rum sector.

The World Spirits Award Celebration at Hubertus Vallendar Distillery in Germany was both a highlight and a Who’s Who of the worldwide distilling scene. Many of the 2018 Award participants came from all over the world to receive the World Spirits Awards – an achievement they can be proud of.

The superstars of 2018

As far as the superlatives and origins of the WSA superstars of 2018 are concerned, it’s an international match between Germany and Austria with Caribbean participation and Swiss precision.

  • Brennerei Hubertus Vallendar (Germany): Distillery of the Year Gold, Distillery of the Year Silver, Distillery of the Year Bronze, 1 x World Spirits Award 2018
  • finch® Whiskydestillerie (Germany): Distillery of the Year Gold, 1 x World Spirits Award 2018
  • Hofbrennerei Oberkorb (Germany): Distillery of the Year Gold, 2 x World Spirits Award 2018, 1 x Spirit of the Year
  • Brennerei Pirker GmbH (Austria): Distillery of the Year Gold, 1 x World Spirits Award 2018
  • The liqueur and whisky specialist – Destillerie Zweiger (Austria): Distillery of the Year Silver, 2 x World Spirits Award 2018, 2 x Spirit of the Year
  • Distillery Krauss (Austria): Distillery of the Year Gold, 2 x World Spirits Award 2018, 1 x Spirit of the Year
  • Kirschbrennerei Dettling (Switzerland): Distillery of the Year Bronze, 1 x World Spirits Award 2018, 1 x Spirit of the Year
  • Rum Distillery St. Lucia (St. Lucia): Distillery of the Year Gold, 2 x World Spirits Award 2018, 1 x Spirit of the Year
  • Grenada Distillers Limited (Grenada): Distillery of the Year Bronze


Shot 4: The superstars meet up for the award ceremony

It is not until the Award-giving Ceremony that WSA participants learn about the complete results and be surprised with a possible win of the bonus title "Distillery of the Year" or even the "World-Spirits Award".

Award-Celebration 22. März 2018, 16.00 Uhr:

Brennerei Hubertus Vallendar GmbH & Co KG
Hubertus Vallendar
Hauptstraße 11
56829 Kail, Germany
Tel.: +49-2672-913552, Fax: +49-2672-913554

Shot 2: The tasting team at work

8x8 is our formula for magic. Eight tasters will taste about 450 samples over the course of eight days. We often receive inquiries from top tasters whether they can work with us. However, regardless of credential, all our jury have to undergo the WSA trainings. Just as an airline trains its pilots, we also train our tasters. Each year, a 3-day fine-tuning session is held in June as part of the WSA Academy to ensure our jury stay up-to-date and competent in performing the best possible assessment for products we receive from around the world.

Shot 1: Sugar Content Analysis

In order for the judge panel of eight to be "served" in a way that they can work alongside the important assessment parameters most accurately possible, all products must be analyzed for its added sugar content. It is important to know whether a product is made with or without added sugar. This does not affect the product, but the information is important for the overall assessment. Dr. Robert Leubolt and his assistant Sissy have been the team of specialists that we rely on for many years.



World-Spirits Guide 2019 - E-Book and Print Version

The “World Spirits Guide 2019” has been published – indispensable for friends of spirits from all around the world. The main focus of the content is:
• Hit list of all award-winning products of the WSA 2018
• Distillery classifications
• 104 distillery portraits of the best spirits worldwide
• Tips and trends



WSA 2017 Award Celebration Photo Galerie

Photos from the Award Celebration 2017 in Asbach Distillery at Rüdesheim am Rhein (Germany). Distillers win 14 x Awards, 15 x Spirits of the Year and 10 x Distilleries of the Year worldwide.


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World Spirits Award registration - step by step

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