Making “High Wines” in action- a live workshop of brandy prodcution with Wolfram Ortner


On Wednesday, October 4, for those keen to learn a thing or two about distilling can look over the shoulders of Wolfram Ortner during the process of a "Spirit Still" (the making of a higher and purer alcohol also referred to as High Wines) from a Sauvignon Blanc distillation. From 7.00 (GMT +2 summertime) to 8.00 PM, you get to be a part of the production process -- cutting the head, heart and tail. The highlight will be the master introducing his brand-new electronic control panel. Ask questions via live chat in German or English, and get an answer right away. In the future, further topics on "distilling" and "sensoric training" with master distiller Wolfram Ortner will be available at and Details (content and dates) can be found on the websites mentioned.

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