Exceptional, Alternative, Fashionable and Unusual at the WSA – Trends & Tips 2018

The G-Day

It is incredible what is going on with gin! We had roughly 70 different gin products to taste and the entire team was kept busy for more than a whole day. Deadline for registration was 1st November, but during the tastings in January we could have added four more submissions. Whether all competitions will experience this boom is difficult to say. Obviously, our participants trust in the quality of the assessment and recognise a perfect framework for a fair result in the categories of “London Dry Gin” and “New Western Style Gin”. The gin with the most points comes from newcomers: “STIN – Styrian Dry Gin” from STIN – Firmenich & Jagerhofer GesbR in Styria.

Whisky on the rise at the WSA – Normal strength vs. cask strength

The WSA jury dedicated nearly another whole day to grain-wood products from many parts of the world. For the first time, finch® was awarded the title of “Distillery of the Year in Gold” at Whisky Worldwide, and an Award. Kavalan from Taiwan shone with many Single Malts, in normal and cask strength, as well as maturation in various different casks – from bourbon to port and sherry. In the Single Malts, the newcomers triumphed: the Nyborg Distillery and the Zweiger Distillery. Peated whiskies still steal the limelight.

WSA at its limits

The WSA 2018 was at the limits of its capacity – more samples could not have been seriously assessed by the quality jury and organiser. Nearly 550 products were registered – participants with nearly 70 samples had to be put off until 2019. From 1st August 2018 registration will begin again – with the deadline of 1st November.

Are the 100% distillates in a crisis?

This category is very often described as the Formula 1 of spirits. One thing is for sure: they underlie the strictest production criteria – although not on a legal, but on a voluntary basis. Foreign alcohol, flavourings, sugar or sugar colour are not allowed in production. Thus these distillers are completely and utterly at nature’s mercy. If Mother Nature provides perfect fruit, then the aroma in the bottle is also perfect. In poor fruit years, the distiller cannot work magic in terms of quantity and quality, and only – if at all – produce insignificant amounts. This seems to have been the case in 2017. So, chin up!

Coffee & cigar distillates

“World Spirits” is also known as a trendsetter and motivates the distillers of fruit brandies to produce harmonious accompaniments for coffee and cigars. In the group of cigar distillates, the Upper Austrian garage distiller Manfred Wöhrer produced a perfect accompaniment for a cigar with his “Zwetschke 48 Reserva 2013 fassgelagert” (damson, cask-aged).

World Spirits Online Guide 2018

The ultimate guide with all the results of the Awards 2018, tips, and interesting facts on the spirits. The Online Guide with over 20,000 addresses – focussed mainly on distilleries, catering trade, retail and equipment – can be ordered for a yearly subscription price of €72: www.world-spirits-guide.com

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