NSC - brand new programme for "neat storage and process conditions"

OLV Start-1Who does not know them, the smaller and larger problems with storage. Who has not been more or less annoyed about the error-proneness of standard programmes such as Excel and Co. Wolfram Ortner - himself a distiller for many years - has now developed a tailor-made programme together with the pro's of Jawa Management Software which takes care of the order in a distillery. And saves time for the conception, marketing, presentation or promotion.

The programme NSC is a true "chief of protocol" and in this matter an absolute world first. It can be used in small as well as in big companies and provides a perfect overview of the alcohol storage including the loss and head which arise during the production, storage and bottling - always regarding the legal tax on spirits. Furthermore the stock of filled bottles as well as confections for the entire bottle design can be conveniently administered with the programme. All necessary processes are retraceable at any time: distillation recipes, distillation records, water calculation for diluting a spirit, the monthly tax on spirits or the current balance sheets can be quickly determined and brought to paper clearly.


Small features save time and facilitate the life of a distiller:

  • loss and head are recorded and assigned accurately to the products - up to the denaturing and acceptance by customs
  • article configurations are defined and printed out with photos or labeling instructions respectively and quantities of the individual components
  • recipes and inventory lists are created and administered
  • stock lists remind you to procure labels, bottles, corks or capsules in time
  • recording or transcripts required by customs respectively are created - with individual supplements, from the fruit via the mash control to the distillation.

The NSC software on CD with an easily understandable manual as well as installation support can be acquired for 2,500 euros net.


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