NSC - brand new programme for "neat storage and process conditions"

OLV Start-1Who does not know them, the smaller and larger problems with storage. Who has not been more or less annoyed about the error-proneness of standard programmes such as Excel and Co. Wolfram Ortner - himself a distiller for many years - has now developed a tailor-made programme together with the pro's of Jawa Management Software which takes care of the order in a distillery. And saves time for the conception, marketing, presentation or promotion.

The programme NSC is a true "chief of protocol" and in this matter an absolute world first. It can be used in small as well as in big companies and provides a perfect overview of the alcohol storage including the loss and head which arise during the production, storage and bottling - always regarding the legal tax on spirits. Furthermore the stock of filled bottles as well as confections for the entire bottle design can be conveniently administered with the programme. All necessary processes are retraceable at any time: distillation recipes, distillation records, water calculation for diluting a spirit, the monthly tax on spirits or the current balance sheets can be quickly determined and brought to paper clearly.



World Spirits Award goes on a world tour

World Spirits Award goes on a world tour

To do even more justice to the title of "World Spirits", in 2015 Wolfram Ortner will expand the concept of the successful spirits competition and will go out into the world. This way, we can keep up with the ever-increasing internationalisation of the WSA. The previous "World Spirits Festival" with the "Award Celebration" will no longer take place in its usual form, but will be replaced by the new award presentation in the country of the winner - one of all countries and islands in the world, which are represented by their distilleries at the World Spirits Award.


World-Spirits Online Guide

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The World-Spirits Glass – for the big, wide world of spirits


In the beginning was the hand-crafted and hand-blown glass in the WOB design, as shapely as it was functional, tailor-made for wine, water, whisky etc. Top-quality, elegant products, which inevitably (had to) come at a price. This provided Wolfram Ortner with the challenge of coming up with the styling of a new spirits glass.

Alongside the satisfying spread of the spirits culture, the trendy products like distillates to accompany cigars or coffee, but above all growing number of lovers of spiritual pleasures grows the need for glasses which are all-purpose – but most of all also affordable. Not everyone can or even wants to acquire the requisite glass for each product. Reasons of space, among others, argue against such a glass collection, as we know from the wine sector, which has culminated in the uncontrolled growth of the designer glass.


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