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Sensing is permanent mental training - the sharpening of the sensory memory! One can recognise odours and aromas relatively fast but also forget them just as fast. Just like a musician has to practice with his instrument every day, a spirits taster is not spared from continuously revitalising his knowledge. The sensory memory can only become active if the nose can impeccably recall the appropriate bouquet in the brain.

Sensing is 80 percent the task of smelling and only 20 percent that of tasting. With the tongue one can only taste sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami (meaty, savoury, tasty - above all for gluten). According to the latest findings, greasy can also be assessed - first retronasally (interacting with the nose) a judgement of taste can arise. The olfaction can identify and differentiate more than 10,000 aromas - regardless whether orthonasally (if they rise to the nose) or retronasally (from the back of the pharynx into the nose).

The tongue senses all previously mentioned flavours with different intensity. The theory of  unmistakably assigning the gustatory sensations on the surface of the tongue is considered obsolete. Sweet taste is sensed the strongest at the tip of the tongue, sour and salty however on the borders of the tongue and bitter at the back of the tongue. Sweetness, vanilla, honey and nutmeg etc. can also be sensed by smelling - via the sensory recognition and association with products.

Since a perfect result must have 100 percent, the bouquet and taste - together with the harmony - are always assessed. Regardless whether it is a dish, a wine or a noble spirit. A judgement must always be reached free of any kind of interference or bias - that is why symbols instead of points are best suited for the quality finding. One deals much more intensely with the "examinee" and does not try to "hang a certain medal around his neck" beforehand.

A point assessment is only one part of an overall judgement. This result must always conform with the quality and verbal description. If the points are in contrast with the text, it can be nothing else but a misjudgement.


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