WSA Taster Course: fitness for nose and head

WSA Taster Course: fitness for nose and brain

The World Spirit Academy is excited to launch yet another exciting new way of learning – an intensive training in spices, herbs, fragrances and aromas.Follow Wolfram Ortner into an astonigishing world of aromas, where you learn to sharpen your senes and differentiate between fragrances, as well as to recognize, compare and contrast individual aromas through special exercises.

The identifying process encourages interaction between your sensual and neural functions – it stimulates and revitalises your olfactory cognitive sensitivity. Different training methods and devices are adopted for the following exciting experiences:Fragrances and aromas of the world:

  • smell, identify and describe herbs, spices and aromas
  • Natural and nature-identical (synthetically produced) aromas: distinguish and recognise aromas
  • Wood differences: wood aromas from different forests from North to South
  • Colours and aromas: biased inclination influenced by colours while idenfitying fragrances
  • Fragrance analysis: top, heart and base notes
  • Aroma analysis of spirits: teams of two should recognise fragrances of spirits and „recreate“ the array of aromas with the given reference fragrances
  • Faults in spirits: recognise and describe the
  • Checks: control of the learning contents via written tests

The taster course is designed for everyone who works with aromas and fragrances, both as an amateur or a professional, and those that are interested in expanding their spectrum of knowledge and know-how..

Language: Training is bilingual in German and English. The main language is German and the most important parts are translated into English. The proportion of each language is adapted to the participants.

The intensive training will take place on 2nd and 3rd July 2019, the application deadline is 15th January 2019. The number of participants is limited to an exclusive group of eight persons. Costs per person: 960,00 euro.

The World-Spirits Academy is supported and sponsored by WOB “Handmade goods for finer living”. At all our events, WOB-Edel and WS 18.5 glasses are used as official World-Spirits glasses.

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