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Roust Hungary KFT
Alkotas Utca 50
1123 Budapest
  • Spirituosen Wiederverkauf
Roust Hungary – Affordable luxury on the spirits market

Roust was founded in 1992 by the Russian businessman Roustam Tariko and quickly developed into a leading business group in the sale of premium spirits brands, especially in Central and Eastern Europe. As the second largest vodka producer in the world, they sell over 27 million 9-litre crates in more than 80 markets every year. Roust owns production plants and distribution facilities in Poland, Hungary, Russia and Italy. The comprehensive portfolio includes the flagship vodka brands of Russian Standard, Green Mark, Parliament and Zhuravli, as well as the legendary Polish vodka, Zubrówka.

Thanks to its extensive knowledge in sales and marketing and its commitment to responsible alcohol consumption, Roust Hungary has developed to become one of the leading suppliers on the domestic spirits market. The second-largest premium spirits company in Hungary also sells the Royal, Russian Standard, Gancia, Grants, Jägermeister and Metaxa brands.

For years, Royal Vodka has maintained its position as the most popular and well-known vodka brand in Hungary, and also remains market leader in terms of volume and turnover. Royal Vodka is produced using natural ingredients, from the grain to the well water, which contributes to its mild taste.

At the World Spirits Award, there was gold for Royal Lemongrass Flavoured Vodka, and silver for Royal Vodka.
Gold 91Royal Lemongrass Flavoured Vodka2018Details
Silver 87Royal Vodka2018Details


Edward Snell & Co Ltd (PTY)
13 Wallflower street, Paarden Eiland
7420 Cape Town
South Africa
  • Spirituosen Wiederverkauf
Edward Snell – Whisky from South Africa

Edward Snell founded a trading company in Durban in 1848, from which the oldest spirit company in South Africa developed over 160 years. Following an eventful history, the company is now once again in the hands of the family. Besides their own brands they also sell numerous local and international drink brands, mostly in various markets in Africa and the Middle East.

The wide range of products includes whisky, brandy, vodka, rum, gin, tequila and cognac. One outstanding label is Firstwatch Whisky with its new look, a striking, square bottle design. Consumer demand for a whisky with an American taste profile has been perfected over time and is presented today as a balanced blend of the finest imported rye and grain. Whether pure, on the rocks or mixed – its diversity makes it popular with many different target groups and successful in one of the largest spirit segments in South Africa.

At the World Spirits Award, there was gold for Firstwatch Whisky.
Gold 92Firstwatch2018Details


The Forum, 29-31 Glasthule Road, Glasthule
  • Liköre
  • Whiskey Irland
Babco Europe Limited – A guarantee for distinct branded products

Babco is an international brand company with its headquarters in Dublin, and owns the intellectual property rights to a range of premium brands based on the company’s own recipes. “We create brands which attract the attention of consumers through their distinct character”, says Mark Wilson, CEO and co-founder of Babco Europe. Babco is committed to the ongoing improvement of its branding. An extensive expertise in ‘hand-crafted flavours’ forms the basis for a growing portfolio of exceptional brands which are bold and striking in design and communication. A prime example are the imaginative, fruity products sold under the umbrella brand, ‘Mickey Finn’.

Comprehensive marketing activities and public relations add considerable support to sales success. In the core strategic markets, national companies have been set up to deal with marketing and sales. “We respect our suppliers, sales and retail partners, and place a great deal of importance on long-term, sustainable partnerships. This way of working defines our brands and has laid the foundation for a strong development across the value added chain. An ever increasing list of awards and prizes is the best proof of our tireless commitment.”

The colourful world of Babco also met the jury’s approval at the World Spirits Award: gold was awarded for Mickey Finn Strawberry, silver for Vin Mariani, Mickey Finn Butterscotch and Singapore Sling.
Gold 94Mickey Finn Strawberry2017Details
Silver 89Singapore Sling2017Details
Silver 89Vin Mariani2017Details
Silver 88.3Mickey Finn Butterscotch2017Details


Hödl Hof Fruchtdestillerie und Spirituosen
8223 Floing
  • Obst-Brände
  • Rum
  • Wodka
  • Obst-Geiste & Spirituosen
Hödl Hof – Quality over generations since 1542

“We have been farming our 20 hectares of fruit ecologically for decades, out of conviction, because we live and work there. We grow pears, apricots, grapes, damsons, old varieties of apples, rowanberries, elderberry, walnuts, hazelnuts and sweet chestnuts. 24 hectares of forest provide the wood to heat our farm and for barrels to store the distillates, but we also collect tree shoots, wild fruits, roots and mushrooms. Soft, low-mineral water for our production comes from our own spring, which for generations has also been our drinking water.

The fully ripe fruits travel the shortest way through the fermenting cellar directly to the copper distilling kettles. As is the old-Styrian tradition, double distillation takes place, only the high proof heart is extracted and stored in wood, glass or stainless steel containers. We distil between 500 and 700 tonnes of mash annually.

If you want to find out more about schnapps, you can join a guided tour, walk along our educational schnapps path or try the entire product range in 20 ml mini bottles to take home. Our own brands are a special service, which we develop for those interested – from our schnapps and fine brandies to vodka, whisky, rum or gin and liqueurs and other spirits. More information can be found at”

The considerable achievements at the World Spirits Award: First Class Distillery 2018, Master Class Distillery 2018, World Class Distillery 2018, double gold for Old Classic, plus 11 times gold and 12 times silver.
Double-Gold 95.7The Original 1542 London Dry Gin Old Classic2018Details
Gold 95Haselnuss Sahnelikör Creme2018Details
Gold 93Zirberl2018Details
Gold 92.3Schlehe2018Details
Gold 92.3Café Latte - Kaffee-Sahnelikör2018Details
Gold 92.3Vogelbeere2018Details
Gold 92Olivia (Muskat Bleu Rotweinlikör)2018Details
Gold 92Himbeere2018Details
Gold 91.7The Original 1542 London Dry Gin Woodmaster2018Details
Gold 91Heidelbeere2018Details
Gold 90Zirbe Fass2018Details
Gold 90Haselnuss Fass2018Details
Silver 89.3Zwetschke Fass2018Details
Silver 89Ribelia2018Details
Silver 89Hirschbirne2018Details
Silver 89Kronprinz2018Details
Silver 88Feuerholz2018Details
Silver 88Hirschbirne Fass2018Details
Silver 88The Original 1542 London Dry Gin Sea of Flowers2018Details
Silver 88Holunder2018Details
Silver 87Haselnuss2018Details
Silver 83Quitte2018Details
Silver 82Williams Fass2018Details
Silver 81Marille2018Details

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