The World-Spirits Award

The mission: To establish, as the world's best competition with a distillery classification, an assessment standard that sets the ultimate benchmark in the world of spirits.
The objective: As a respected reflection of quality for producers and consumers, to fairly judge spirits from all over the world, taking into account their origin and tradition.
The system: To compile reproducible results and precise verbal descriptions using the transparent, accurate 100-point WOB evaluation system.
The jury: Perfection as the driving force for ongoing further training in the members' own interests, with regular taster training sessions as the basis for product and quality definitions.
The academy: Master of World Spirits training with checks of the individual's sensory performance enhances the scope of their knowledge and is the basic criterion for selection to the jury.
The person: Former world-class sportsman Wolfram Ortner lives and breathes the World-Spirits Award and knows the factors for success - performance, quality, transparency, fairness and self-assessment.
The vision: Simply the best in spirits - the World-Spirits Award is incomparable and always ahead of its time!
Contact: World-Spirits . Wolfram Ortner . A-9546 Bad Kleinkirchheim . Unterscherner Weg 3 . Nock-Land . T. 0043-4240-760 . F. 0043-4240-760-50 . or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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