WSA registration - step by step

WSA registration - step by step

> Step 1: Timetable & registration
Period: 1st August to 31st October 2022

> Start of registration for the World Spirits Award:

Start of the WSA registration is 1st August 2022. The "World Spirits Award" is limited to 450 samples - so please register early enough!

Invoices will be sent from 1st August and are to be paid immediately - participation will not be confirmed until payment has been received.
Then the detailed registration and the sample shipment will follow. See step 2 and step 3!

From 1st August to 31st of Ausgust the early bird rate (minus 10%) applies – after 1st September the normal price applies.

- Binding registration with number of samples: by 1st November
Or by e-mail with company address (Address of applicant) and number of products
- Invoicing
- Payment after receipt of invoice - surcharge of 10% if paid after 1st November


World Spirits Award 2016

World Spirits Award 2023

Table of contents

1 Class rating of distilleries (World Class Distillery, etc.)
1.1 Procedure for the classification of distilleries
1.2 The rating system for the classification of distilleries

2 Awards for the best spirits (Spirit of the Year, etc.)
2.1 The rating scheme: The WOB system
2.2 Procedure of the tasting by categories
2.2.1 Practical implementation of the tasting procedure
2.3 The jury

3 Marketing for the industry and/or the participating distilleries

4 Regulations: Figures, data, facts, etc.
4.1 World Spirits Award - Simply the best in Spirits
4.2 Benefits of the total marketing package of the "World Spirits Award"
4.3 Classification costs
4.4 Force majeure and cancellation
4.5 Approved products and/or distilleries
4.6 Submitting and sending samples
4.6.1 Payment
4.6.2 Dispatch
4.6.3 Details for registration
4.7 Categories, groups and varieties

5 Advantages for WSA participants
5.1 What advantages result from the award, the medals won and for classified distilleries?
5.2 Using the "Word Spirits Award" trademark for advertising purposes
5.2.1 Purchase of medal stickers
5.2.2 Production of medal stickers
5.2.3 Printing of medal logos
5.2.4 Copyright regulations

6 Publication of the results
6.1 Documents (photos and texts) for entries in the World Spirits Guide and Spirits Finder Apps

7 The award ceremony for the "World Spirits Awards", medals and titles (diplomas)
7.1 Dispatch of medals and/or diplomas
7.2 World Spirits Award goes on a world tour

8 TOC - Supplementary General Terms and Conditions


World Spirits Award 2023 - Simply the best in Spirits

Information & bookings
World Spirits . Barbara Ortner . 9546 Bad Kleinkirchheim . Austria
Untertscherner Weg 3 . Phone: 0043-4240-760 . Fax: 0043-4240-760-50 . This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


World Spirits grants licences

systemThe „World Spirits“ organisation offers licence partners some interesting cooperation models.

„World Spirits“ licences
National events: individual countries have the opportunity to organise and hold national events according to the system of the „World Spirits“ event, e.g. „World Spirits Switzerland“ or „World Spirits Germany“. The cooperation extends from organisational and marketing support to the complete implementation and handling.

Taking Switzerland as an example, „World Spirits“ regards itself as „the“ spirits event concerning its conception in any country when considering and including as many institutions and organisations in the spirits sector as possible so that this event finds maximum support nationwide.


20 Years World Spirits Award


A. The short version for a quick overview

Der World-Spirits Award - Simply the best in Spirits

The mission: To establish, as the world's best competition with a distillery classification, an assessment standard that sets the ultimate benchmark in the world of spirits.

The objective: As a respected reflection of quality for producers and consumers, to fairly judge spirits from all over the world, taking into account their origin and tradition.

The system: To compile reproducible results and precise verbal descriptions using the transparent, accurate 100-point WOB evaluation system.

The jury: Perfection as the driving force for ongoing further training in the members' own interests, with regular taster training sessions as the basis for product and quality definitions.

The academy: Master of World Spirits training with checks of the individual's sensory performance enhances the scope of their knowledge and is the basic criterion for selection to the jury.

The person: Former world-class sportsman Wolfram Ortner lives and breathes the World-Spirits Award and knows the factors for success - performance, quality, transparency, fairness and self-assessment.

The vision: Simply the best in spirits - the World-Spirits Award is incomparable and always ahead of its time!


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